Irish Music Recordings Canon: The Dubliners “The Ultimate Collection: The Spirit of the Irish”

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The Dubliners - Ultimate Collection: Spirit of the Irish

The Dubliners - Ultimate Collection: Spirit of the Irish

Perhaps you’re unable to play your old Dubliners albums (vinyl, don’cha know?), because the dog knocked your Guinness over the last working turntable in the house, or you just want a nice collection of Irish traditional songs popular since the folk revival of the 50s. Whatever your situation, you’d do well to pick up The Dubliners’ “The Ultimate Collection: The Spirit of the Irish”. The boys from Dublin’s O’Donoghue’s Pub returned –audibly- on this 2003 compilation CD, also available as MP3 download on Amazon or iTunes, to deliver a nice set of songs.

If you aren’t familiar with The Dubliners, or Luke Kelly, their early recordings captured well the spirit of an Irish pub or a London folk club that’d been invaded by Irish immigrants at the time. The lads always recorded in the raw style that made them so popular in the pubs, and this recording and this albums offers a good record of the band doing well to a classic collection of traditional Irish songs, and a handful of more recently-penned numbers. In all, the collection includes 20 songs spanning four decades, including opening and closing tracks with their prodigies The Pogues.

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